We Don’t Fight or Flee Like We Used To!

We Don’t Fight or Flee Like We Used To!

Thousands of years ago, when faced with an attacking animal,  humans either escaped and the stress response subsided . . . 

Or, they were eaten.

Being eaten by a wild animal is pretty uncommon these days!

Instead, here are a few stressors (good and bad) that humans face today:

  • Work deadlines/demands
  • Argument with a co-worker or significant other
  • Excitement over a job offer
  • Marriage
  • Public speaking, presentations
  • Traffic
  • Divorce
  • Birth of a new baby
  • Testing/performance review
  • Anxiety of a first date

While we don’t face literal lions, the pace of modern life often bombards us with continuous stressors and our response level never fully diminishes. We are in a constant state of “fight or flight”. 

As a result, we function for long periods of time with elevated heart rates, high blood pressure and other stress induced reactions.

Prolonged exposure to stress hormones and responses, is damaging to our health!