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The Spine & Pelvis 101

Your spine is made up of bones called vertebrae. You have a total of 24 vertebrae, that are shaped a little differently depending on the section of the spine.  Here’s how it divides up: 

  • 7 vertebrae in your neck, called the cervical spine
  • 12 vertebrae in your mid back, called the thoracic spine
  • 5 vertebrae in your low back, called the lumbar spine

It all ends in your sacrum and your coccyx, commonly referred to as the “tailbone”. 

Muscles, tendons and ligaments all connect to the vertebrae, supporting the spine.  Without them, the spine would collapse!  

As they all work together, they are designed to create 3 natural curves of the spine.  Take a closer look:

The mid back, or thoracic spine curves gently outwards.

The neck, or cervical spine curves gently inward.

The low back, or lumbar spine curves gently inward.

When all of these curves are correctly aligned like this, it is called NEUTRAL SPINE