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Perform each of these stretches for 15 to 30 seconds to ease tired muscles.

Stand with back against wall. Grasp under thigh with both hands and pull one knee to chest. Bend head down to feel stretch in your lower back.  

Tight hamstrings cause up to 50{e6c4e4d09cbfcb70eba5dc435d44d7cb2d0e378527800a29222f16d6eea92ea1} of all low back pain. . .

Stand, one foot in front of the other and bend opposite knee. Press hips back as if sitting to feel stretch in back of thigh.

Cross hands and grasp opposite knees. Round upper back as you lean backward. Pull your knees apart to feel a stretch in your upper back.

Sit and cross one leg over the other. Use the opposite hand or elbow for leverage, as well as chair back. Turn toward the crossed leg to feel a stretch in your back.