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Standing Posture Cues


Putting It Into Practice!

Stand Tall:

Imagine someone lifting you up by your hair, toward the ceiling.

Lift a Little:

Don’t work so hard at perfect posture that you get fatigued. Try lifting your breastbone up by just 1 inch. That’s easy to maintain.

Re-set and Relieve:

Get rid of posture-destroying unnoticed tension! Roll your shoulders up, back, then down to re-set.

Don’t let your thumbs hit your thighs when you walk. Stop & RE-SET!

Re-Set to Neutral Spine When You Walk: Stop, lift chest, squeeze shoulders back, and roll palms out. Look up slightly. Relax back to neutral. Now your THUMBS should point FORWARD because you are back in NEUTRAL SPINE.

Never walk and text at the same time!