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Progressive Muscle Relaxation

  • This technique focuses on identifying and relieving tension in the muscles.
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation is the process of tightening and then relaxing muscles in sections, until you have progressed through the entire body.
  • The end result should be full body awareness and relaxation.
  • With each muscle group, start by fully contracting to maximum tension. 
  • Then, fully relax the muscles
  • Start at your toes – curl your toes as tight as you can, and then fully relax. 
  • Do the same as you progress through your 
    • arches of your feet
    • ankles
    • calves 
    • thighs 
    • buttocks 
    • abs
    • fingers/hands
    • wrists/forearms
    • upper arms
    • shoulders
    • neck
    • face]

Give Progressive Relaxation a try with cues to walk you through the whole technique