Neutral or Not?

Neutral or Not?

What does NEUTRAL SPINE look like on you?

What takes us out of neutral spine? 

Multiple things can contribute to abnormal spinal curves – from injury, structural compromise, surgery and muscle imbalance. 

Muscle imbalance is one of the most common causes, and one that you can prevent and/or correct.  Specifically, muscle tightness on one side or in an area, and/or weakness in another, changes the curves of the spine, taking it out of NEUTRAL. 

What does the spine look like when it’s NOT in neutral? Here are some examples:

An excessive lumbar (low back) curve that is too deep is called lordosis.

Kyphosis is an excessive curve in your                  thoracic (mid) back, creating a                  “hunchback” posture.

Flattened curves are just as abnormal as excessive ones. This flattened lumbar curve makes the spine nearly straight.