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Give Them A Break

Use these movements to “re-set” and reverse prolonged or stressful positions. They’ll help reduce and prevent hand, wrist and forearm fatigue. Don’t hold these, but perform smooth, continuous repetitions. Perform periodically throughout your day.

Relieve tension in your hands from gripping: 

Spread fingers wide and release. Repeat 3 times. Then circle your thumbs 3 times in each direction. Repeat this sequence 3-5 times.

Free up your wrists from static and awkward positions:  

Clasp hands and keep elbows firmly at sides. Rotate wrists clockwise 5 times. Then reverse direction, and rotate counterclockwise 5 times.
TIP: If keeping your hands clasped is too difficult, start by circling your wrists individually.

Making sure nerves can move freely helps prevent injury. Try this movement pattern:

Start: Place palms together at chest height
Movement: Keeping palms together, slowly move hands toward armpit. Next, slowly turn head in opposite direction. Pause.
Return: Bring hands and head slowly back to center.
Movement: Switch sides – Slowly move hands to opposite armpit. Turn head in opposite direction. Pause.
Finish: Slowly bring hands and head back to center.
Repeat: Perform this sequence 3-5 times.

Active Finger Extensions






Try this to increase hand mobility and help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome:

Pass smoothly through this 5-position sequence:
1: Spread fingers wide.
2: Bend fingertips to make a “claw”.
3: Make an “alligator mouth”.
4: Bend fingers, but keep tips straight.
5: Tuck fingers up like a fist.
Repeat: Perform this sequence 5-10 times.