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Functional by Design

Functional by Design

Have you ever watched kids at play?

No matter their age, they climb all over things, run and move freely, and take delight in challenging their balance.

Kids also change levels without hesitation.  One minute they’re on the ground, and in the blink of an eye they are up and running again.  Can you relate?  Have you ever tried to keep up?

Kids take joy in moving!  You especially know that if you’ve ever tried to make one sit still!

Why is that?

Why do kids have such freedom of movement? Why can they stand correctly, squat deeply, bend easily and touch their toes or reach up without hesitation?

The answer: We are made to move.  We are functional by design. 

Did you know that human beings are born with good posture and mobility?

So What Happened?  How did we get so restricted and uncomfortable? 

The answer has many layers, but simply put, we move less and put less functional demand on our bodies. Think about this – through the course of history, and as technology advances, as a whole, the human race has changed its movement habits:

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Our outdoor time is decreased by longer work hours and more scheduled busyness.

Children tend to spend less time playing outside in natural running, jumping, skipping and hopping. . . and we play inside more often.

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We’ve become more sedentary.

How do we restore and maintain
our function and mobility?
Through Neutral Spine!