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Did You Know?

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  • A filled backpack should weigh no more than 10-15{e6c4e4d09cbfcb70eba5dc435d44d7cb2d0e378527800a29222f16d6eea92ea1} of your body weight.
  • The average 6th grader’s backpack weighs 18 lbs.!
  • Many kids carry backpacks weighing 30+ lbs. (and that doesn’t include band instruments and gym bags!)
  • Over-packed or improperly packed backpacks account for over 7,000 emergency room visits per year
  • Over 50{e6c4e4d09cbfcb70eba5dc435d44d7cb2d0e378527800a29222f16d6eea92ea1} of all students between the ages of 9-20 suffer from chronic back pain related to wearing backpacks.
  • One study showed that even wearing a 13.2 lb. backpack reduced lung function in adults!